A sweet Nation - India ?

India is often referred to as a Spice nation. Known for its spicy food many travelers and foodies head towards India to taste the spiciness but there is flip-side too, India is a home for lot of sweets as we call it here “Mithai”. These are basically to celebrate festivals and made on special occasions but now they are available all year round. There are again ample of these but Introduction to few important ones is must.

Image of Indian sweets
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Here goes the 10 toppers on my list:
  • Gulab Jamun - The first one on my list from is "Gulab jamun". It’s the common dish from North India Famous all over the country this dish is made from milk solids, traditionally prepared with curdled milk or "Khoya"later dipped into sugar - syrup. Also these have fillings of dry fruits sometimes. Used on almost every special occasion like wedding or festivals these are also made commonly in Indian homes.
Image of gulab jamun
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  • Kheer - "Kheer" is milk based Indian pudding made with different ingredients like rice, tapioca, broken wheat or vermicelli. Loaded with flavors of cardamom, saffron, dry fruits are often called by different names in different regions like "Payesh","Payasam","Phirni" etc. though consistency and ingredients differ slightly.
Image of kheer
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  • Jalebi - This coiled shaped sweet is very popular which is made with all-purpose flour and dipped into sugar saffron syrup. It has a saffron color too. This is often enjoyed with "Rabdi"(Indian condensed milk), yogurt or "Pohe"(flattened rice).
Image of jalebi
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  • Ladoo - Comes in hundreds of varieties but the most common are "Boondi ke ladoo" and "Besan ke ladoo". These spherical are famous sweets for wedding favors in India also used as "Prasad" or religious offerings in Hindu temples. The other varieties are "Gond ke ladoo" (eatable gum),"Nariyal ladoo"(coconut) etc.
Image of Ladoo

  • Barfi - These are often square shaped sweets sometimes rhombus also. Made from different ingredients according to the recipe. The most common is "Kaju katli"(Cashew)," Besan Barfi (Gram flour)","Pista Barfi"(Pistachio). Other varieties are coconut, mango, strawberry, chocolate, paan etc. This is also used as wedding favors and exchanged in festivals.
Image of barfi
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  • Peda - "Pedas" are another common religious offering and originated from religious city of "Mathura" (Uttar Pradesh) which is known for Lord Krishna. Made with curdled milk again these are also present in varieties in different cities like "kesari peda","malai pedha”, and kunda “etc. This dish is also referred to as” quintessential Indian sweet".
Image of peda
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  • Rosogulla - Famous in West Bengal this comes in two varieties white and brown. Brown one is believed to be originated in Orissa, white is from West Bengal. It is made with "Chenna"(Indian cottage cheese) and dipped into sugar syrup. Brown one is even offered to "Lord Jagannath" at the end of "Rathyatra" at "Puri" in Orissa. There are more "Chenna" based sweets which can be found in India like "Rasbhari”, Rasmalai" and “Sandesh" etc.
Image of rosogulla
Source: Hindustantimes

  • Halwa - It’s another home-sweet very popular among everyone. Again after many varieties most popular are "Gajar ka halwa" (prepared with carrots) and "Sooji halwa"(made with semolina)."Sooji halwa" is available throughout the year whereas "Gajar ka halwa" is available during winters only because of Indian red carrots which are available only during winters. "Halwa" could be vegetable based, flour based or nut based. Other popular varieties are "Aate ka halwa”, Moong dal ka halwa","Badam ka halwa" etc.
Image of halwa
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  • Mysore pak - Originated from Mysore (Karnataka) this dish is a royal one and made with gram flour, sugar and clarified butter (ghee).

Image of mysore pak
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  • Soan Papdi - It is a sweet with flaky texture and is cube shaped. Most popular of Haldiram's (Indian sweet brand) this sweet is used as gift exchanges during occasions.
Image of soan papdi
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These are just to name a few.India is homeland to nearly thousands of sweets. Each city or state  has some or the other speciality of their own.So next time one give a visit to India or already here, just do not limit oneself to spicy food, have some sweet tooth too.