Dips to mesmerize - Indian wet Chutneys

Mexicana, Italian,German, so many relishes to have but have anyone explored Indian variety of dips or chutneys as we know here. They may have saucy or thicker consistency,so yummy absolutely to die for. These are too amazing. Mostly they are prepared at home and grinded on a grinding stone traditionally,it tastes even better than one prepared in an electric grinder.
Source: Hungryforever

 Chutneys can be made by using natural preservatives  like vinegar,sugar and cured under the sun or totally made with fresh ingredients on the spot and served. It could be so good that more than an accompaniment one may fall in love with only this forgetting the main dish.

Chutneys could be prepared with variety of fresh ingredients like fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, vegetables and spices alone. In "Chattisgarh"  region it is even made with Red ants and it is definitely not for everyone.One needs to be really brave-heart to see the procedure and eat it.

We will now see 6 most famous combinations made for fresh chutneys..
  • Pudina Chutney - The most famous one which goes with "samosas","kachori",kebabs","pakoras" or a wholesome "Thali" in front of you. Ingredients that goes in are :
- Mint leaves
Source: Jainrasoi
- coriander leaves
- Yogurt
- Green chillies
- Onion
- Ginger - garlic
- Cumin powder
- Black salt
- Lemon

  • Coconut Chutney - This chutney is famous south Indian chutney that goes well with "Idli","Dosa","Medu Wada". Ingredients that go in this are :
- Freshly grated coconut
source: ekunji
- Roasted bengal gram
- Ginger
- Black musturd
- Green chilli
- Curry leaves
- oil
- salt

  • Tamarind date chutney - This sweet chutney very well complements with "chaat" dishes like "Pani puri","aloo tikki","Bhel puri" etc. Ingredients that go in are :
- Seedless Tamarind
- Seedless Dates
source: honestcooking
- Grated Jaggery
- Roasted Cumin Powder
- Dry ginger powder
- Red chilli powder
- Coriander powder
- Black salt

  • Tomato chutney - The most common one at Indian homes. Goes well with "Pakoras" and other  Indian snack items. Ingredients for this are :
- Large Tomatoes
- Dry red chillies
Source: food.ndtv
- Ginger
- Split and husked black gram
- Whole black pepper
- Cloves
- Curry leaves
- Musturd seeds
- Fenugreek seeds
- Asafoetida
- Salt
- Oil

  • Raw mango chutney - Again a very seasonal chutney goes well with everything you make at home in India popularly with "Dal rice","Parathas","Puri breads" etc. Easiest one with minimal ingredients which are :
- Raw Mango
- Desiccated coconut
source: gsbrecipes
- Green chillies
- Garlic 
- Salt

Use of flavorful Ingredients itself says it all that how tasty these could be. There are many varieties in these and could be dry like in powdered form or wet like the above ones. The famous "Major Grey's chutney" was also firstly prepared in India which is very famous in United States and United Kingdom.This include Mango,raisins,onion,tamarind,vinegar,lime-juice and spices. Do some experimentation and combine these beauties with your favorite food.