How do India Break - fast ? Traditional Indian breakfast Dishes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It plays an important role in the balanced diet
providing essential nutrients to ones body in the morning hours.Skipping one is not so cool. There are immense options for breakfast like English one which typically consists of egg,bacon,sausages or French one which consists of croissants or tartines. One of the option is Indian breakfast too,so what do Indian do to break their fast since night ? we will come to know here.

India is diverse in its culture as everyone know so traditionally breakfast also differ in each and every region though in today's time everything is available everywhere. I will talk about the most important ones. These are accompanied with Tea or coffee . Following are the dishes :


Image of north Indian breakfast
North Indian breakfast
  • Aloo Paratha/Paratha (Potato bread) :  Paratha is the flatbread made on pan with a filling. Aloo Paratha is the flatbread with the filling of spicy potato.Its the staple breakfast found in every North Indian home.Served with Curd or homemade mango pickle. Parathas are altered with fillings too like Methi Paratha(Fenugreek Bread),Gobi Paratha(Cauliflower bread),Paneer Paratha(cottage cheese bread),Mooli Paratha(Radish bread),Mughlai Paratha( chicken and lot of spices and chutneys filling) etc..There are ample of varieties but for breakfast in every home Aloo Paratha is the king.
  • Chole bhature or kulche :  Chole are chickpea curry and bhature are fluffy deep fried leavened bread which is a staple breakfast in Punjab. Chole are also served with Kulche which is a type of flatbread again.It is served with onions,green chilies,lime and pickle and is a heavy treat.
  • Pohe :  Pohe are flattened rice which are soaked into water and the dish is prepared. Famously from Indore this dish is even popular in Maharashtra,Gujarat even in north east. This dish is eaten with Jalebi (sweet) in Indore and solely in other parts.


Image of breakfast in Gujarat
Gujarati snacks
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  • Gujarati snacks : Gujarat has immense options to offer for breakfast like the famous Dhokla (semolina-gram flour sour cake),khandvi (gram flour rolls),phapda-Jalebi ( gram flour crisps),Thepla (tawa flatbread) etc. These are often served with tamarind or green coriander chutney.

Image Breakfast in Maharashtra
Maharashtrian breakfast

  • Maharashtrian snacks :   Here, most of the people consume wada pav on the go while leaving for work. Wada is made up of potato and Pav is a kind of bread. The other popular variety is Misal pav where Misal is a curry of bean sprouts which is very spicy also extra curry is provided at the side of the plate.


Image of south Indian breakfast
South Indian Breakfast
  • Idli -wada sambhar : The most famous Indian breakfast all over the world is south Indian breakfast. Idli (steamed rice cakes ) and wada ( fried lentil rice cakes) are often eaten here as a a staple breakfast dish.It is served with sambhar which is a spicy south Indian curry,coconut and tomato chutney.
  • Dosa : The next in the list is the another popular item from south India. Masala Dosa is the famous type which has potato filling in it.
  • Uttapam :  Uttapam is little different from dosa.On one hand dosa is thin and crispy whereas Uttapam is bit thick and non-crispy,topped with either potato masala or onion-tomato.
  • Upma :  Again a very popular dish from Indian houses made for breakfast.Made of Semolina this is a savour treat from South India.

More options are available but these are the ones which every Indian knew and have grown having these in their homes from childhood. These are completely healthy and tasty as well.