Pickling Sensation - Country with Heritage of pickles

Although Pickling is famous all over the world where vegetables or fruits are put into brine's or vinegar's but India is the Pickling nation where spices are also mixed with these and it’s just not a pickle for people here in India. It’s the completeness. It is also the heritage which grandmothers and mothers pass on to their children, which also creates moments which are there forever. 

Here, In India Pickles are prepared in the patio and they are cured under the sun for 10-15 days or more. The whole process is very awesome and the wait is worthy.
Also there are common myths which travel around India for pickles like only few people have the gift of making pickle if anybody else try to make it, it goes bad in a week or two. Other being menstruating women can’t touch pickle because it again starts to rotten.
Every child have seen its mother or grandmother making a special pickle and enjoys it for year or two, may be more.

Here they make pickle of almost everything, to name a few rare are eggplants, shrimps, and chicken. All of these are burst of flavors. Mustard oil is used as the most common base and salt is used as preservative.In South India even pickle with no-oil is made especially with yogurt. People can eat these alone with rice, "Paratha" bread or "poori" bread.
Following are 5 different pickles which are like relations in North India,very necessary :

 1. Mango pickle - "Aam ka achar" as it is called is the most popular in Indian household. Every region has different variant of it but I am referring to the most common which is found in North India. When it is the season of Mango perfect raw mangoes are picked from the trees. Cut into big dices and left under the sun to harden the outer part. After 3-4 days pickle is made and again left under the sun mostly in "Barni" or porcelain jar. After 10-15 days or a month it is ready to eat. As long it is kept the flavor enhances even more.

Season of preparation: Summers

Image of mango pickle
source: ndtvfoods

2. Sweet and sour Lemon pickle - "Meetha Nimbu ka achar" as it is called can be made throughout the year. It has the taste of Jaggery and spices which is sweet, spicy, and sour. When grandma makes it is perfectly balanced in taste and never spoils. It reminds me of days when I used to carry it in my lunchbox to school just like mango one.

Season of preparation: Throughout the year.

Image of sweet and sour lemon pickle
source: mayeka.com

3. Carrot pickle - This pickle is also not just putting carrot dices into brine or vinegar it is more than that, that is why it takes weeks for it to get prepared. The most common pickle which one gets fresh in winters along with radish and cauliflower pickle.

Season of preparation: Winters.

Image of carrot pickle
source: ezpzcooking

4. Red chili - Another exquisite pickle which is very spicy. Made with Big Jalapeno kind of Red peppers this pickle has a filling in it made with fennel and other spices.

Season of preparation: Winters

Image of Red chilly pickle
source: youtube

5. "Karonda"pickle - "Karonde ka achar" is the freshly made pickle made from pinkish berry which is extremely sour in nature called "Karonda" or Carissa carandus. Its sourness is balanced with other spices and it tastes divine.

Season of preparation: Spring

Image of Karonda (Carissa Carandus) pickle

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more famous pickles in every part of India like "knol khol" from Kashmir, Kerala "thokku",Gujarati "Chundo",lotus stem, Green chilli, garlic, pork, cauliflower, peas, jackfruit, bhut jholakia and the list is never ending.

Experts says the more aged the wine is the more valuable it is, same goes for the pickle as told by Grandma.

For more information on pickle follow Pickle nation series by chef Kunal Kapur.