Celebratory Foods - Diwali Magic

"Diwali is coming". It is the most auspicious festival for Indian people celebrated in late October or November. India is more beautiful like a bride in this period and so is the variety of delicacies prepared. Also known as "Festival of Lights" this time it is on 19th October 2017. Apart from illuminating festival we, foodies are much more concerned of festive foods for which preparation starts 2 -3 week before.

We will go through the list of festival food prepared originally at home and everyone enjoys together with firecrackers and "LakshmiPoojan" - Prayer to Goddess Lakshmi.

1 . Mithai or Sweets - Sweets are important in every festival and there are numerous of them ranging from "Barfi,Laddoos to Gulab Jamun and Gajar ka Halwa". Few important ones could be checked out in the following article.

2. Karanji or Gujiya - A must item on the occasion of Diwali. Prepared with All purpose flour these  crescent shaped crisp pastry pockets are must try.Filling is stuffed with grated coconut,sugar,dry fruits,poppy seeds and cardamom.

3. Shakkar-pare - These are small square pastries made in desi ghee prepared sweeter in taste. There is also a savory version known as "Namkeen Pare".

4. Anarsa - Most popular in Maharashtra region this is totally a festive item and equally tasty. These Pastry treats are time consuming to prepare.Rice is soaked three days prior preparation then it is dried in sun and grounded into a powder.This powder is combined with poppy seeds and jaggery and small discs are made.lastly it is fried in Desi ghee.

5. Choddo Shak - This is a Bengali dish reserved for Diwali like occasions.It means fourteen veggies. It is made with fourteen type of leafy greens which are stir fried with chilies.

6. Murukku - Also known as Chakli this is a festive food. It is coil shaped made with rice flour and cumin seeds.Made spicy this is deep fried and super crispy.

7. Chivda - These Maharashtrian nibbles are very much famous throughout the year but on Diwali one cannot imagine without these.These are made with flattened rice"Poha"  and raisins,dry fruits,peanuts are added into it while giving it a "tadka" of mustard seeds and green chilies.

8. Puran Poli - Commonly found in south of India and in west these are flat-breads with a stuffing of "Puran" which is made up of split Bengal gram (chana dal),jaggery,cardamom and nutmeg.It is a complex one to prepare.Know more about flat-breads here

9. Dahi bhalla - Famous in North India it is a common street food also.These are lightly fried and smothered with curd and tamarind chutney with extra hotness of chilies,chaat masala and raisins.Know about the famous Pani Puri here  and about Chutneys or dips here

10. Aloo Tikki - Aloo tikki is a crisp potato cake.It is prepared into a chaat or a tasty mix by adding white peas,onion,green coriander,spices,chutneys.Special item which could be served on diwali like occasions.

Celebrating Diwali with firecrackers or not but it could be celebrated anyway by enjoying some new dishes which associates with the festival of lights. Winning of positive over negative.So whats the wait for start preparing all of these have a long way to go and the wait is worth it.