Indian Lunch Ideas

Lunch is the meal of the hour when body's metabolism is at peak and power packed lunch with combination of Protein, fiber, sugar and fat is must. Accompaniments could be several in Indian Lunch Menu like Roti, Parathas, rice varieties, Papadam, Pickle but Indian curries are wholesome to have.

Lets discover 10 Main course Lunch dishes both curry and dry varieties.

Curry Varieties

Punjabi Kadhi - This is a dish made with roasted gram flour, buttermilk. seasoning is super smoky and delicious. It is commonly had with rice or roti bread.This one is yellow in colour. Gujarati version is also available of which the texture is slightly runny and sweet in taste. Gujarati kadhi is white in colour.

source : sifybawarchi

Kadhai Mushroom -  Button mushroom halves cooked in spicy onion tomato gravy. Magical aroma and beautiful taste. Original recipe is made and also served in Kadhai (Indian Wok).This best goes with roti bread, naan bread or Roomali roti.


Palak Paneer - This green flavoursome curry is heaven in itself. Spinach lovers will love the combination of it with cottage cheese. The curry itself has so many seasonings and yet the taste of spinach is the king. This goes again well with jeera rice or paratha.                                                                 

Sambhar - This south Indian curry goes with rice and many other south Indian dishes like dosa, appam, idly, iddiappam, paniyaram et al. This curry is mix of veggies into a spicy lentil stew.

Dal - Dal is a must item in Indian Lunch. It is fully packed with protein. Dal is preparation of lentils with various styles whether it be Tadka, Makhani or Fried.


Dry Varieties

Pindi Chole - Famous Punjabi dish slightly brown in colour this chickpea preparation is almost dry with sour and spicy taste which comes from pomegranate seeds. These beauties go well with Bhatura or Kulcha.


Masala Gobhi - It is a cauliflower preparation covered with spicy masala. Very Tangy, goes well with dal and Roti.


Bhindi - In India, Okra is prepared in a simple yet delicious way. Onions-Tomatoes and dry roast masalas finished with touch of dry mango powder. This is a goto food of every Indian prepared in different styles all over India.


Aloo Methi - Mix of fenugreek leaves and potatoes quick to make recipe. Goes well with Dal and roti.

Karela fry - This is a unique recipe made with bitter gourd. My mom doesnt take the bitterness out of it but most of the people does. It goes well again with dal and roti or rice.


Mesmerize with these Lunch Recipes and explore more too. Have a boosted Lunch.